Chathurika Peiris

Chathurika Peiris seems to be moulding her career and personal life in a well balanced way. Beauty, brains, charm and an endearing wit has propelled her to instant stardom, making her the darling of the small screen. And her debut in 'Aadaraneeya Wassanaya' (Love in Autumn), now being screened, has reinforced that appeal on the Silver Screen.

In the teledrama 'Sooriya Daruvo' (Children of the Sun God) Chathurika played the lead role of teenager Viveka, who faces the ups and downs in her love life and the problems encountered by her family, with a liberal attitude and carefree demeanour.

Chathurika has acted in nearly ten teledramas so far. She was just a schoolgirl at Musaeus College when the very first offer for a teledrama came to her. It was a secondary role in 'Bava Sayura'. And since then there has been no looking back for her.

'Rangana Vijithaya', 'Paradeesaya', 'Yaso Mandiraya', 'Pavena Sarungal', 'Ranmasu Vessa', 'Vasanthaya Evilla', 'Indrachapa', and 'Aashavari' are some of the teledramas Chathurika has starred in, that have been telecast, not-yet-telecast and still-on-shooting. Among them 'Rangana Vijithaya' (Directed by Sriyani Amarasena) was shot in Australia.

Chathurika is one of the lucky young women whose career is backed by her loving supportive parents. Her father is a radio artiste and her only sister is a permanent dancer cum TV artiste,Purnika Subhani Peiris. Hence 'art' is something that has been in her genes.

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  1. What a Beauty ! Also the talents she has..
    Chathurika you are the best-Keep it up. Do not get your name ruined with attachments to unncessary involvement.This is my sincere advice. Because I love you.