Manjula Kumari

Sri Lankan popular teledrama Actress Manjula Kumari’s latest mixed image collection. She also famous as ‘Olu’she was introduced to the small screen in Riddi Yagaya by Dr. Ariyaratne Athugala, in her Tele Drama.She is also performed in several advertisments like Sunlight TV, Astra and Kumarika advertisements.She is done her first tele drama production ‘Sasara Sewaneli’ has been release on Swarnavahini and story is based on reencanation also.                                 

Sri Lankan popular Actress Manjula Kumari's new photos. Her husband and Roshan Ranawana also in 
 this photos.
Her Wedding Video
  Her Beautiful Images


  1. wonder ful pictures i love them but you are beautiful as normal

  2. when is your next teledrama i am longing to see cant wait